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If you suffer from dryness or redness/rosacea, then this one is for you!

In chemistry and in homeopathic medicine, we know “like cures like.” And, did you know using skin care with roses, can also add a pinkish glow to the face when used regularly? So, because of what we know about chemistry, we can surmise that skin care made with roses, can also help calm the extra redness of rosacea, too. Many of our customers have come back to tell us that this is true. Our Rose Skin Care line has helped them keep their rosacea under control.
And, our Rose Skin Care isn’t just for rosacea.

What’s the science behind these awesome little petals? Loaded with vitamin C and also antioxidants, Rose Skin Care can help with collagen production, which we gradually lose over time. It can also help fight the nastiness of everyday pollution on our skin, which can cause the skin to age prematurely.

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Raves & Reviews

See what our customers are saying about OntkOrganix.
  • Agnes
    "I really wanted to be original but the wonderful response Christie is getting from all of her customers makes it hard... that's a good thing of course! So to cut to the point - the lavender balm works miracles! Helps to quickly heal any skin irritation and what I love the most is that it's a product for all ages. I can comfortably use on my young children!"
  • Michelle L.
    "I have suffered from chapped burning lips for the past two years. Christie gave me her lavender balm and it was life changing! Honestly I was miserable from this burning sensation. Her lavender balm is amazing."
    Michelle L.
  • Cliff F.
    "After moving to Hawaii and brushing up against coral and getting some nasty burns. I tried your lavender balm, and was amazed how quickly the burn went away. Also, after swimming in the ocean, I apply to my face and instantly I feel the moisture return without that oily feeling. This is a home run baby..."
    Cliff F.
    Christie's Husband
  • Joan F.
    "I first used Lavender Balm when my granddaughter was sunburnt. It was a soothing, healing balm that greatly released her discomfort. I also love the Gramma's Balm for relief from insect bites and even poison ivy. Love Ontkorganix!"
    Joan F.
  • Jessica
    "I have been using various products from Christie for about two years. The lavender balm is FANTASTIC for chapped skin or burns. In the winter, the dry air is really brutal on my skin but some lavender balm under my gloves or at night does the trick. I also love her grandmas salve. I am too old for acne but when some pops up it's a quick fix with a dab! Not to mention for cuts. Also - allow me to go on about the lip fix!! It saved my chapped lips last winter and I use it daily now. You can't go wrong with these natural products she makes- they really are infused with love!"
  • Michelle B.
    "I absolutely love the lavender balm! I have been using on my hands about a year now. The other day as I was putting in my hands, I decided to put some on my face due to it being subjected to winds and was super dry. I was skeptical , as I had never used it on my face but I am so glad I did not only did it take away the dryness and burning I have been using it on my face and my skin could not look better! It's glowing , lifted , abd refreshed I love this stuff ! Miracle in a jar!"
    Michelle B.
  • Tina R.
    "I have used the Lavender Balm on my dry hands and feet for the last few months and its a homerun! No more chapped, cracked hands! My husband recently got a pretty bad sunburn on our vacation to Florida. Tried the Lavender Balm on the burn and he said it worked wonderfully, way better than Aloe. Took the sting out of the burn very quickly and helped prevent peeling! Love this product!"
    Tina R.
  • Jennifer N.
    "I am addicted to the Lavender Balm! I can't start the day without it for my hands. My son asks me to rub it on his feet at night to help him sleep. On our semi-annual girls' trips with friends from high school, we always share a "favorite thing"... My "favorite thing" for our last trip?? You guessed it! OntkOrganix Lavender Balm!!"
    Jennifer N.
  • MaryAnn B.
    "I just love OntkOrganix! My favorite products are the Midnight in Madagascar, the Latte for the Eyes and of course, the Lavender Balm! I use the Lavender Balm every night to keep my feet nice and soft and the lavender is so soothing, it helps me have a restful night's sleep!"
    MaryAnn B.
  • Suzanne K.
    "I used the Lavender Balm thru radiation and it soothed the burns and healed my skin in an amazing healthy way!! It continues to be a cure all and soothing remedy for so much! My daughter uses it for facial acne! Every night I apply it to my chest and I'm fast asleep in no time! I am especially proud to use a product my long time childhood friend created with love and nurturing for all! Christie truly puts love and positive mojo in every batch!"
    Suzanne K.
  • Sophia S., Age 18
    "I have severe allergies and have suffered from prolonged acne, rashes, and irritation from products I used to use that was allergic to. However, once I found Christie's Ontkorganix lavender balm and Facial moisturizer cream, all of my problems subsided and even healed! I've continued to use these products daily for two years, and I'm still in love with them!"
    Sophia S., Age 18
  • Anonymous
    "For the last few years I have had an issue with hair follicles becoming infected near the bikini line. This has occurred 1-2 times each year. It typically leads to the need for antibiotics for 2 or 3 weeks. I recently noticed an area that was beginning to get inflamed. In order to avoid going to the doctor, I started using Gramma's Salve daily and covered the area with a bandaid. It has been 3 weeks and the area is clear... and no need for antibiotics!!!! Thanks Christie. I love your products:)"
  • Lora M.
    I love using the grandma salve when my legs ache. I rub that on and I have no more aches and paines. I also use it on my veins. They have diminished a lot. It is amazing. I also recently had a cold sore so I put it on every day and it was gone in three days.
    Lora M.